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on Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hahahhahah...yerp. I think that's the best title for this entry or perhaps the best description for this blog. Update seminggu sekali sahaje. Xde mase maaaaaaaaaaaaaa... harap maaf. Kat Nestle mane leh nak bukak.....kalo boleh pon, mmg xde mase!

I was on medical leave for 2 days due to eye infection. Seumo idop I, x pernah saket mate, so mmg tatau canela rasenye saket mate tue :)). Xde merah ke ape pon. After 3 days in pain.....gi office sume.....I felt really painful pagi Rabu mase bangun nak masak utk Adief. Bukak mate pon saket gile. Then I thought maybe I should see the doctor.

Off I went to my favourite DSH to see my ophthalmologist, Dr. Noraini and she said ade bisul kat belah dalam kelopak mata. She wanted to give me 1 week MC but I said I only want a day. Dia kate sehari xleh.....I asked her for 2 days then. No matter what.....I mesti pegi jugak office Friday tue! Got antibiotics and the eye drops.

Friday, gi office....as expected.... masyaAllah bertimbun tiga2 meja tue ngan invoices! Yerp I use 3 tables hehehhehe. 1 is for me to do my work in front of the pc.... the other 2 pulak, 1 for me to place the new invoices, and the other 1 is for me to place invoice2 yg dah settle before sending it to NBS. Then, a few colleagues came to me and asked me about my health and sungguh x kusangke, they said when I was on medical leave, byk mende tersangkut. Oh bergune jugak aku nie rupenye. Ingatkan xde gune hahahhahahha.

Ok....move on to Adief. I've given him eggs. 1st time was when he turned 1. Based on what I read and advices from experts, started with the egg yolk. Alhamdulillah.... ok jek. Then kalau bagi eggs je, masuk je sume.

Congratulations to Kerol Laling for getting a new job. At least it is something that related to his qualifications. Work well and earn WELL ye sayang so that you can buy me hell lots of handbags, clothes, pumps and etc etc etc.

Just visited our P&C project yesterday and I was really excited to see it! By next week, everything will be ready.

Ok peeps...need to go to the loo hehhehe.


K-Baby said...

Hi Mommy,
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CuppyCakeMommy said...

heheh..nice title you get here..hahaha.

btw i ada educational toys for lil adief at my blog..do cekidout ya