Hello hello hellooo.....errrrr after 3 years??? :P

on Sunday, June 30, 2013

ok ok... I know I haven't written sooooo long. I was damn busy with things; keje...husband...anak....shopping...jalan2....girllllfriends.... :P. ok to make things easier for everyone or actually for me (so that I do not have to write a lot hihi) let me just update everything in a very simple way :D

1) my young man who used to be my baby, Nik Adief is already 4 years old..ok not that OLD.
 2) I'm not with Nestle anymore....
 3) I'm happily married to my dearest husband (still....alhamdulillah and hopefully till Jannah)

 other than that... just normal things and activities like shopping shopping shopping...jalan jalan jalan....makan makan makan.

Since Adief is already 4, we decided to enroll him in ITQAN Islamic Montessori in Kota Damansara. Why ITQAN. Well....after browsing a few blogs...forums...articles...visiting a few schools...having a few discussions with the teachers what not....kitorang pilih ITQAN!. Mende2 gini sebenonye preference masing2 la kan..... We prefer an English Medium Islamic Montessori. And... not an exam oriented type. We did go to Brainy Bunch... CIC.... Little Caliph.... but from our point of view, hm....we couldn't find anything special. Ok, again.... ni sume preference masing2. Maybe mase kitorang pegi tu tetibe that school ade x kene pape and the moment we stepped out terus bertukar jadi best ke....heheheh tatau la kan.

1) Children Islamic Centre (CIC) We are looking for an English Medium Islamic Preschool/Playschool. Mommy x tere English tu pasal nak Adief masuk skola ckp omputih. When we asked the teacher, she said that they only speak in English utk certain mende je. And to my surprise, ade teachers yg SPM leaver je. Ok ok I know...some of you might think ala....tadika je ponnnn...tu pon nak berkire. Preference...preference... hehe. Pastu....bertambah terkejut je I bile tgk menu nye. I'm very particular about what they feed the children. They serve tomyam which I think x sesuai utk budak2. Satu class ade 15-20 kids! Just imagine.... 20 kids in a classroom yg besar nye same mcm standard double storey terrace house punye bilik.

2) Brainy Bunch The branch that we visited was really....how to say eh... menyedihkan la gak. Well... I have to admit that the principal tried hard to impress us with the teaching materials...teaching methods...etc tapi mcm beriya2 sgt lak dia haha. Agak serabut jugak tgk budak2 tido walopon ade mcm katil kecik ke ape ntah tu (not a baby cot) kat dlm satu umah tu. Pastu ade mcm bau hancing sket. Bile I insist nak tgk the menu, dia mcm xnak layan sgt n duk ckp sume makanan berkhasiat.

3) Little Caliph Little Caliph yg kitorang gi ni lak compound nye fuhhhhhhh! semak! bahaye kottttt ular ke ape ke. The menu ok....cume the environment...surroundings.... mcm x menarik sgt.

Then we visited ITQAN and yes! The moment we entered the school we could feel the aura hahahhaha poyo. Mak aihhhh...the teachers punye English pehhhhh sodap! Fluent gile! The compound pon besar.... ade 2 houses. For K1 and K2 students (5thn n 6thn) kat corner lot, playgroup (Adief) rumah depannye. When we asked about the teacher - student ratio, 1 teacher 6 kids. Great! Perfect! The menu? They serve fruits...sandwiches...macaroni... fried rice....juices....milo...biscuits....breads.

They also teach Arabic and mmg ade pon teacher org Arab. They have a cooking class for the Playgroup students on every Friday. Pastu every Friday jugak derang ade Show and Tell Session. Tiap2 bulan they will paste into the communication book what are the Show and Tell topics for that particular month. 1st session Adief kene buat my Family. So he brought our pics to the school and tell everyone ni gambar daddy...ni mommy...ni tokma..atuk...etc. Kecik2 dah ade presentation! ahhahahha. Every Tuesday ade Water Play and PE on Thursday.

They also have excursions which I believe other schools pon ade. Adief dah pegi High5 Breadtown....FRIM... and next, this coming Tuesday they'll be visiting the Lake Garden. ITQAN ni dia ade Integrated Islamic School gak. Primary school. Ade kat Damansara Jaya. About the fees for this ITQAN Montessori.... RM6***/year. But that is just for Playgroup 9a.m-12p.m session. Kalo yg hantar sampai petang tu lain la fees nye. Ok...I think that's enough for now. Will try to find mase2 yg cantek utk citer2 lagi. Till then... hope to see u in the next post....