Hello hello hellooo.....errrrr after 3 years??? :P

on Sunday, June 30, 2013

ok ok... I know I haven't written sooooo long. I was damn busy with things; keje...husband...anak....shopping...jalan2....girllllfriends.... :P. ok to make things easier for everyone or actually for me (so that I do not have to write a lot hihi) let me just update everything in a very simple way :D

1) my young man who used to be my baby, Nik Adief is already 4 years old..ok not that OLD.
 2) I'm not with Nestle anymore....
 3) I'm happily married to my dearest husband (still....alhamdulillah and hopefully till Jannah)

 other than that... just normal things and activities like shopping shopping shopping...jalan jalan jalan....makan makan makan.

Since Adief is already 4, we decided to enroll him in ITQAN Islamic Montessori in Kota Damansara. Why ITQAN. Well....after browsing a few blogs...forums...articles...visiting a few schools...having a few discussions with the teachers what not....kitorang pilih ITQAN!. Mende2 gini sebenonye preference masing2 la kan..... We prefer an English Medium Islamic Montessori. And... not an exam oriented type. We did go to Brainy Bunch... CIC.... Little Caliph.... but from our point of view, hm....we couldn't find anything special. Ok, again.... ni sume preference masing2. Maybe mase kitorang pegi tu tetibe that school ade x kene pape and the moment we stepped out terus bertukar jadi best ke....heheheh tatau la kan.

1) Children Islamic Centre (CIC) We are looking for an English Medium Islamic Preschool/Playschool. Mommy x tere English tu pasal nak Adief masuk skola ckp omputih. When we asked the teacher, she said that they only speak in English utk certain mende je. And to my surprise, ade teachers yg SPM leaver je. Ok ok I know...some of you might think ala....tadika je ponnnn...tu pon nak berkire. Preference...preference... hehe. Pastu....bertambah terkejut je I bile tgk menu nye. I'm very particular about what they feed the children. They serve tomyam which I think x sesuai utk budak2. Satu class ade 15-20 kids! Just imagine.... 20 kids in a classroom yg besar nye same mcm standard double storey terrace house punye bilik.

2) Brainy Bunch The branch that we visited was really....how to say eh... menyedihkan la gak. Well... I have to admit that the principal tried hard to impress us with the teaching materials...teaching methods...etc tapi mcm beriya2 sgt lak dia haha. Agak serabut jugak tgk budak2 tido walopon ade mcm katil kecik ke ape ntah tu (not a baby cot) kat dlm satu umah tu. Pastu ade mcm bau hancing sket. Bile I insist nak tgk the menu, dia mcm xnak layan sgt n duk ckp sume makanan berkhasiat.

3) Little Caliph Little Caliph yg kitorang gi ni lak compound nye fuhhhhhhh! semak! bahaye kottttt ular ke ape ke. The menu ok....cume the environment...surroundings.... mcm x menarik sgt.

Then we visited ITQAN and yes! The moment we entered the school we could feel the aura hahahhaha poyo. Mak aihhhh...the teachers punye English pehhhhh sodap! Fluent gile! The compound pon besar.... ade 2 houses. For K1 and K2 students (5thn n 6thn) kat corner lot, playgroup (Adief) rumah depannye. When we asked about the teacher - student ratio, 1 teacher 6 kids. Great! Perfect! The menu? They serve fruits...sandwiches...macaroni... fried rice....juices....milo...biscuits....breads.

They also teach Arabic and mmg ade pon teacher org Arab. They have a cooking class for the Playgroup students on every Friday. Pastu every Friday jugak derang ade Show and Tell Session. Tiap2 bulan they will paste into the communication book what are the Show and Tell topics for that particular month. 1st session Adief kene buat my Family. So he brought our pics to the school and tell everyone ni gambar daddy...ni mommy...ni tokma..atuk...etc. Kecik2 dah ade presentation! ahhahahha. Every Tuesday ade Water Play and PE on Thursday.

They also have excursions which I believe other schools pon ade. Adief dah pegi High5 Breadtown....FRIM... and next, this coming Tuesday they'll be visiting the Lake Garden. ITQAN ni dia ade Integrated Islamic School gak. Primary school. Ade kat Damansara Jaya. About the fees for this ITQAN Montessori.... RM6***/year. But that is just for Playgroup 9a.m-12p.m session. Kalo yg hantar sampai petang tu lain la fees nye. Ok...I think that's enough for now. Will try to find mase2 yg cantek utk citer2 lagi. Till then... hope to see u in the next post....

weekly entry

on Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hahahhahah...yerp. I think that's the best title for this entry or perhaps the best description for this blog. Update seminggu sekali sahaje. Xde mase maaaaaaaaaaaaaa... harap maaf. Kat Nestle mane leh nak bukak.....kalo boleh pon, mmg xde mase!

I was on medical leave for 2 days due to eye infection. Seumo idop I, x pernah saket mate, so mmg tatau canela rasenye saket mate tue :)). Xde merah ke ape pon. After 3 days in pain.....gi office sume.....I felt really painful pagi Rabu mase bangun nak masak utk Adief. Bukak mate pon saket gile. Then I thought maybe I should see the doctor.

Off I went to my favourite DSH to see my ophthalmologist, Dr. Noraini and she said ade bisul kat belah dalam kelopak mata. She wanted to give me 1 week MC but I said I only want a day. Dia kate sehari xleh.....I asked her for 2 days then. No matter what.....I mesti pegi jugak office Friday tue! Got antibiotics and the eye drops.

Friday, gi office....as expected.... masyaAllah bertimbun tiga2 meja tue ngan invoices! Yerp I use 3 tables hehehhehe. 1 is for me to do my work in front of the pc.... the other 2 pulak, 1 for me to place the new invoices, and the other 1 is for me to place invoice2 yg dah settle before sending it to NBS. Then, a few colleagues came to me and asked me about my health and sungguh x kusangke, they said when I was on medical leave, byk mende tersangkut. Oh bergune jugak aku nie rupenye. Ingatkan xde gune hahahhahahha.

Ok....move on to Adief. I've given him eggs. 1st time was when he turned 1. Based on what I read and advices from experts, started with the egg yolk. Alhamdulillah.... ok jek. Then kalau bagi eggs je, masuk je sume.

Congratulations to Kerol Laling for getting a new job. At least it is something that related to his qualifications. Work well and earn WELL ye sayang so that you can buy me hell lots of handbags, clothes, pumps and etc etc etc.

Just visited our P&C project yesterday and I was really excited to see it! By next week, everything will be ready.

Ok peeps...need to go to the loo hehhehe.

Of this and of that

on Saturday, March 20, 2010

Phewwww......lame nye x update... working at Nestle to be specific the export business unit, oh sungguh hectic. Compared to Deloitte.... cume x balik lambat je. A lot of invoices coming in everyday....need to do this and that. Naik turun mcm2 floor. Adoiiiiilah. Mcm masuk marathon! Oklah....proceed to my activities so far....other than the job of course.....

Of P&C project:

- I've told Hani and Mat Yie (pengapit2 budiman) where is our P&C project located
- Bought almost everything for it
- 90% completed

Of 'weekly' life:

- Went to Pavilion last week with Hani and Mat Yie. Had breakfast and lunch there. Entered hell lots of shops.
- Stopped at Dior counter because I wanted to refill my compact powder. End up spending more because I terbought the sunblock as well as the Dior Snow cleanser, toner and essence. Not only me ya! Hani pun same! Last time I used the Dior Snow cleanser mcm kureng sket bestnye....sbb mcm powder2 sket. Tapi this time mousse nie best pulak. Just like my Dior Hydra Action cleanser (yerp...I'm currently using Dior Hydra Action....tapi dah terbeli Dior Snow pulak...terpaksela malam pakai Hydra Action, siang Dior Snow hahahhahaha). I'm a big fan of Dior I tell ya! Been using it since my school days. Tried Shiseido, Dermalogica, Origins and Murad, but still I love Dior. Before nak byr.....had a 'fight' with Hani pasal nak gune sape punye Dior Card. Hahhahahhaha. Berebut nak collect points. Last2 gune masing2 punye. But I dpt collect points utk Bonuslink sbb Hani xde tue. Hahahhahahah.
- Entered the Tiffany & Co. to send my bracelet for cleaning. Ceh! Kurang asam punye minah! Adeke tanye....Nie you beli sendirik ke org bagi? Helloooooo.....beli kat T&Co. KLCC lah! Takpelah....agaknye dia tgk selekeh ke ape agaknye. Lantak ko la labu.....
- Bought Syazreen (my niece) a few clothes from the Obaibi. Mujur muat! Tembam minah tue!
- Beli pumps kat Charles & Keith oh sangat puas hati.

Ok.....that's all for now. Laparpo. Need to eat something. Tata!

13 months living in this world...

on Saturday, March 6, 2010

- Hospitalized at 4 mth due to bronchiolitis.
- No high fever....alhamdulillah....
- No eczema... alhamdulillah...
- Exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months living in this world.
- Doesn't eat any infant cereals.... he just eats air tangan mommynya yang x seberape ini. Hahahhahah.
- Started to crawl at 11 mth....oh sungguh lambat.
- 1st 2 teeth appeared at 6 mth of age...
- Cukur jambul at 4 mth....aqiqah and qurban at 9 mth. Yerp....ini young man sudah qurban...
- Currently he likes to climb the stairs.....menanges x hengat punye bile sampai tangga last skali. X puas agaknye. Dear....maybe you should climb itu tangga appartment I guess or any never ending stairs kot....
- He shows what he likes or dislikes by saying a lot of 'WORDS'. Other than the words that I've mentioned before....his new word is Ge! (Golf). Hahahahhah. Atuk tekan golf channel je....Adief terus Ge!
- Likes to eat yogurt with mommy.
- He eats rice (of course), roti, salmons, cods, lemon soles, daging batang pinang, ayam kampung, telur ayam kampung, zucchinis, young corns, sawi, broccoli, baby carrots, soft tofu, spinach, salads, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, prunes, dates, papayas, avocado, kiwi, apples etc.
- He has 7 teeth now....tue yg nampak....susah wooo nak tgk....dia xnak tunjuk. Yang x nampak tataula kot ade.
- Drinks Pediasure....2-3 times a day.... other than that, susu mommy tetap menjadi pujaan hati.
- Suke main bola. Tapi sbb x jalan lagi...xdela tendang2. Hahahhaha. Tolak2 and baling2 dengan tangan jela. Cepatla jalan sayang....boleh pakai kasut Crocs Aunty Hani bagi. Hahahhah.

Hm.... ape lagi ek? Tak terkire perangai budak2 nie.....takpela....lain2 entry citer lagi.....

Successful breastfeeding

on Friday, February 26, 2010

2 weeks senyap. Hahahhahahah. Busy busy.

Ok...xnak byk membebel....ramai yg mintak tips utk breastfeeding or exclusive breastfeeding. Mula2 kenela paham makne dulu. Breastfeeding tue...mcm sume tau lah...menyusu badan.... tapi kalo exclusive tue...maknenye susu badan SAHAJE. Tanpa bagi walaupun setitik fm. Tue....terpulang masing2.

Ok....nak bg tips pon....I bukanlah expert mane pon....anak pon baru sorang. So pengalaman tue baru sekali. What I can share here is just how I did and bla bla bla.

Baiklah puan-puan....mari kite mulekan!

- jangan complain sikit pun bile puan-puan breastfeed anak puan-puan. Jangan duk kate letih....weak...penat and bla bla bla.
- banyakkan minum air. I minum plenty of water...until now. Before and after every feedings....satu gelas air mmg balun. Milo or milk or oat paling kurang 3 kali sehari. I x minum coffee since I was pregnant sampaila Adief 9 mths.
- eat a lot of healthy foods.
-jangan stress. Paling penting jgn asyik pk susu x cukup. Allah tue kaye. Kalau anak kembar 9 pun...susu kite cukup untuk 9 orang tue. Tinggal lagi kite confident atau tak je.
- always wipe your baby's face after bf him.
- always talk to your baby while bf him. Anything! Nasehat ke....sayang ke....nak nyanyi ke...nak selawat ke.... sambil2 tue usap2la kepala dia....pegang tangan dia...usap2 pipi dia...pat2 belakang dia....puk puk butt dia hahahhaha.
- kalau ade problems.....seek for advices. Go and see a lactation consultant. I x sure tempat lain...tapi DSH...u can just walk in and meet the LC kat meternity ward.
- last but not least....just enjoy it! You should be proud of yourself. Tak ramai orang mampu buat. Lantakla kalo ade nak kate x cukup duit beli botol ke ape. Hahahhahah. Especially working mommies out there. Kat office express susu ape bagai sume. Ramai orang dari awal dah campur susu badan and formula. Tapi tue terpulang masing2la. I express my breast milk jugak. Tapi I start keje semule selepas Adief setahun. Takpela....nak jugak rase pengalaman express susu kat office. Hahahhahah.

Yesterday we went to OU to buy his diapers and fm. Before that, we entered Safe n Sound to buy his new pillow. For toddlers....which is thicker than his current pillow. Adief now is one talkative boy. Erm...tgk dgn sape jugaklah.... Kalau tv x pasang.....nanti dia V! V! Uihhhhh pandai arah2kan org ehhhh? Kalau I suruh tido.....Nanak! Nanak! Garang tul! So far....dia pandai sebut ball (bola), mek (ambik), nenen (susu), mamam (makan), didi (daddy) mimi (mommy), mama (tok ma), ata...now ato (atuk) fish (ikan), cat (kucing), , dada (tata), v (tv), nanak (taknak). Tapi? Jalan belum lagi. Hahahhahahah. Xpela....Dato' Azizi pun x heran je mase ckp Adief x jalan lagi. Lain budak, lainla care dia kan...... Merangkak pon 11 mth.....
Okla.....tue jela kali nie.... nak baring celah2 2 heroes yang belom bangun nie.

Why I shhhhhhh....

on Monday, February 15, 2010

Hahahhaha... I'm sure you must be asking yourself where is the owner of this lame blog. Ok...here are some info to explain everything as I am so lazy...busy...and all words that have zy sy sounds to write...
1) I am currently working...where? Nestle....where lagi? Not the warehouses nor the factories.... I work at the HQ at Mutiara Damansara...the Surian Tower...just beside Cineleisure which is damn near to Bandar Utama. 5 minutes drive from my home sweet home! Yippee!! Since when? 2 weeks ago.
2) Kerol Laling and I brought Adief to see his paed, Dato' Azizi for his 1 year check up. Results? He is perfect! Walopon hanyalah seberat 7.9kg! Believe it? 7.9kg! :)). Makin turun. I know....mesti x caye sbb tgk gambar mcm montel lah sgt.... I've told some of u before....janganlah tertipu dgn gambar2....tue sbb muka dia pinggan seperti mommy nye.....hahahhaha. But Dato' Azizi said....it is because of the genetics... Daddynye pon kurus tinggi. And Adief is extremely active now.... peluh manjang...so x heran..katenye. But he is still considered perfect and normal...alhamdulillah. Lagipun...Dato' Azizi kate normal untuk budak yg bf sahaje....kalau formula, mmg berisik. He suggested me to add in some butter into his foods to increase the amount of calories. He also asked me whether ini budak ade minum formula tak. Bitaulah dia.... ade bg cicah ngan roti. Tgh train dia minum formula. Tapi xnak sgt (at that time). Dia tanye susu ape. I said Pediasure. He said that's a very good one. He asked me to make milk shakes for Adief using that fm. Thanks to my friend for giving me some idea about this fm thingy. She didn't suggest me anything sebenonye...tapi berdasarkan cite dia....tue yg terbukak hati nak gune Pediasure as her daughter's paed suh gune tue jugak.
Dato' Azizi also asked me to learn more recipes from this website. He said it's a good website. Well....you are totally right Dato'! Adief got 2 jabs on that day. The MMR and chicken pox. His next check up will be in April pulak. Alhamdulillah Adief dah mau minum Pediasure tue...using his sippy of course. Mane pernah pakai bottles dia nih! Tapi kalau nak tido....Mama akan bg my bm. Ha.....kalau breast milk.... sippy tamau! Bm kene pakai sudu! Agaknye bm lagi best kalau directly kot...hahhahaha.

3) His birthday party went on smoothly...I guess. Haha. We had bbq: chickens, lambs and prawns...pizza hut, salads, air anggur and of course his Barney Birthday Cake. Orang2 yang datang dapat Nestle products :)), limau mandarin and ginger bread man cookies in a paper bag.
4) My SIL safely gave birth to a cute doll on the Valentine's Day at 9.20 p.m. Her name is Adi Valentina. No lah! :)). Her name is Adi Syazreen Binti Adi Harris. The night before... We...the Adnan tribe had our dinner at Rasta and I asked Kak Eijad to order anything because her baby is going to come out tomorrow ( the Valentine's Day)...ha betul pon! Hahahhaha. I had a strong feeling about it. Selame nie dia x pernah nak gerak2 bile I tgk perut Kak Eijad or pegang. But that night.....bukan main! I said to Kak Eijad....it's a sign tue! :)). Dia tunjuk kat I before dia nak kuar :)).

5) My routine now: 5 a.m: bangun and masak2 for Adief....bekalan sampai ke dinner. 5.45- 8.05 a.m: Mandi...solat subuh...bf Adief...siapkan baju and barang2 Adief untuk Mama mandikan dia ape bagai sume...main ngan Adief....siap2....gi office. Lunch hour: Lunch..of course...express susu untuk Adief (Nestle provides us a nursing room kat tingkat atas....very comfortable! ade fridge...water dispenser....sinki ape bagai sume....sofa....). Balik keje....express susu lagi sambil bf Adief.

6) Adief suke tgk fishes. Dia mesti sebut fishhh...hishhh..fish....shhh...hahahhaha. Adief pon suke tgk our cats. Cat...cattt...cat. He loves to play the balls with Paklang Nabil and Cik Nia (our maid). Kalau bola-bola tue pegi jauh....Adief mesti suruh ambik. Mek...mek...mekkkk....:)). Siap pandai amek position tue! Kalau dia rase dekat sgt or anything yang dia rase x cool la main bola gini....dia siap pegi merangkak jauh sket amek position. Hahhahahha.
I guess tue jela for now ya.... will write more later....insya Allah....

He's 1!

on Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Adief sayang...... We love you so much! Mommy sayang sgt2 Adief....