Of this and of that

on Saturday, March 20, 2010

Phewwww......lame nye x update... working at Nestle to be specific the export business unit, oh sungguh hectic. Compared to Deloitte.... cume x balik lambat je. A lot of invoices coming in everyday....need to do this and that. Naik turun mcm2 floor. Adoiiiiilah. Mcm masuk marathon! Oklah....proceed to my activities so far....other than the job of course.....

Of P&C project:

- I've told Hani and Mat Yie (pengapit2 budiman) where is our P&C project located
- Bought almost everything for it
- 90% completed

Of 'weekly' life:

- Went to Pavilion last week with Hani and Mat Yie. Had breakfast and lunch there. Entered hell lots of shops.
- Stopped at Dior counter because I wanted to refill my compact powder. End up spending more because I terbought the sunblock as well as the Dior Snow cleanser, toner and essence. Not only me ya! Hani pun same! Last time I used the Dior Snow cleanser mcm kureng sket bestnye....sbb mcm powder2 sket. Tapi this time mousse nie best pulak. Just like my Dior Hydra Action cleanser (yerp...I'm currently using Dior Hydra Action....tapi dah terbeli Dior Snow pulak...terpaksela malam pakai Hydra Action, siang Dior Snow hahahhahaha). I'm a big fan of Dior I tell ya! Been using it since my school days. Tried Shiseido, Dermalogica, Origins and Murad, but still I love Dior. Before nak byr.....had a 'fight' with Hani pasal nak gune sape punye Dior Card. Hahhahahhaha. Berebut nak collect points. Last2 gune masing2 punye. But I dpt collect points utk Bonuslink sbb Hani xde tue. Hahahhahahah.
- Entered the Tiffany & Co. to send my bracelet for cleaning. Ceh! Kurang asam punye minah! Adeke tanye....Nie you beli sendirik ke org bagi? Helloooooo.....beli kat T&Co. KLCC lah! Takpelah....agaknye dia tgk selekeh ke ape agaknye. Lantak ko la labu.....
- Bought Syazreen (my niece) a few clothes from the Obaibi. Mujur muat! Tembam minah tue!
- Beli pumps kat Charles & Keith oh sangat puas hati.

Ok.....that's all for now. Laparpo. Need to eat something. Tata!


eifa said...

abeslaa pas ni kene pakai spek itam jumpe korang duer..hahahah