why i write?

on Monday, October 20, 2008

some of you might be bored to read everything I wrote but I have reasons kenape saye suke membebel begini. and it's up to you to read them or just ahhhhh malas lah nak bace!

i'm a 'fat' lady and i can't do anything other than makan, tidur, baring, tgk tv, surfing the internet, semayang, mandi, main wii, yada yada yada. i have no body to talk to (adela my family) and that's why I write. (sorry to hani for the long emails too).

i love shopping a.k.a membazir duit but because of my condition other than menjadi mak buyung (you know why), I have to limit my movements and 'keinginan' and my life now is changing everyday from a normal gila2 girl (perasan girl hahaha) to a 'eh betul ke tak minah nie?' girl. I speak with my baby who is still busy doing acrobatics, my cats, actors and actresses on the tv and many more everyday. biol ek? ahhahah. oh ya! i dont know why they call pregnant ladies mak buyung hahahhaha.

i still remember the days when my husband busy taking pictures of me with my boroi belly, bawak jalan2 makan2, tgk movies yada yada yada. aiyooooo!!! sob sob cry cry :( enough said.

i have another 1 month to go before I can buy things for my baby. yayyyyy! mama kate....7 bulan boleh start beli before hibernate semula since insya Allah Dr. Maziah will call him out when he is 8 months old.....

what i can do now is just documenting everything about my pregnancy and my life. totally uuurrgggghhhh kan? and here they are:

from nov 2007 to april 2008- physiotherapy
early of june- another operation 3 days before the exams.
15th june- i'm pregnant!
11 weeks- it's a boy!
24th sept- hello mommy...can u feel me kicking u???
1 oct- 1st hari raya in Malaysia together....2 1/2 of us...
3rd oct- kerol laling left me
15th oct- physio again.
tue jekla kot yg ingat skang.... other than that... nausea from may until now and 10kg increased from 46kg to 56kg. i have another 2 months to increase my weight more. nyum nyum! nak makan ape ekkkk??? yayyyyy! i likeee!

maternity supplies:

trousers, blouses, lingerie, maternity belt, creams and lotions- modernmum, motherclub, padini, v-mum maternity concept, dorothy perkins, matern program, DSH rehab centre, zara, scarlet by jusco.


normal folic acid, pramilet folic acid, cuplaton, caltrate, metoclopramide


wii, aspire one, youtube hahahhah, ym pon hahahhah, tv-thanks to astro, my cats, oouuuhhhh my baby too!

ok....nak order nando's.... lapo nie! will write moreeeeeeee soon! so...please bear with me! muahahhahahhahahhahha.