J Card members' day

on Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tolong! tolong! nak pitam! we went to 1 Utama early this morning to shop till we drop...mmg bebetul nak 'drop' pon.... omg! there were soooo many people and i couldn't breathe! panasss pulak tue. i nearly collapsed....nak pitam. At first, the reason why we went there was to buy mama's la gourmet's wok...only! but we ended up buying extra things such as my maternity lingerie. ok...sila bersikap terbuka. i don't think it's an improper manner to talk about maternity lingerie or anything about maternity supplies. it is something u need to know....men and women. for a man...of course la for ur wife....and ladies....you! ok sambung citer.... we just spent about 3 hours there (long que) and finally we decided to go home and come back later in the afternoon.

managed to grab mamabel by triumph and a few other things but after a quick conversation with shila, i think i should consider buying those things from mothercare. wayyyyyy cheaper than mamabel by triumph and modernmum. hailah adiyanti..nasehat org pandai....beli yg biase2 jek....bukan pregnant the whole year pun....hahahhah. silly me! boleh refund tak? hahahahah.
hm....xpe...will go there this afternoon lepas nabil balik skolah.......

mama suggested that we buy a few clothes for my baby this afternoon since it's J Card Members' Day . hahahhah. baju2 utk first few days dia kuar jek..... why not? x sabar x sabar *grin*
on the way to the basement..... i bought cinnabon and mama was like "aikkkk makan lagi? baruuuu lepas makan nasik ayam" hahahhahha. yerp! i eat a lot nowadays.....hehehe. i want to feed my baby so that he will be chubby and I can ngap ngap his cheeks. hahahhahah. the doctor said that he is panjang....tapi badan dia kecik....kurus la tue......hahhahahha. hm...ikot sape ek? obviously not me. i'm not that slim walopon x pregnant. hm.....mesti his daddy. hahahhahaha.

i noticed that this little preacious of mine sangat baik the whole morning while i was at 1 Utama. pelik! usually he will kick me here and there. hm.....maybe he didn't want his mommy pitam kot.....dengan org yg sesak tue.....xleh bernafas sume... gooooooddd boy! and now he is busy 'knock! knock!" knocking on mommy's belly. ooooooo lepas geram ye??? hahhhaha.

ok..... need to take a look at the soup....tgh masak sup tulang nih! hahahhaha. mama la yg masak....i jage jek.....hahhahahhaha. mama amek nabil kat skolah. she doesn't allow me to do anything since the accident and now i'm pregnant....lagiiiiii la! ok peeps..... bye!!!