on Friday, October 3, 2008

Hmm....found out from a friend Nad that Ginger tea is the best cure for this %*&^(*&(** morning sickness. So....text la abah suh belikan ginger tea.... will buy one this evening sbb org nak dtg beraya.... hmm...hopefully mujarab.Aminnnn.....

One more thing...I am suffering this excessive Saliva problem. Tue yg muntah jek keje. I found out that:

"Increased salivation can also be related to heartburn, which is common during pregnancy. The contents of your stomach are acidic, and when they back up on you, they irritate your esophagus and cause the burning sensation so familiar to heartburn sufferers. The acid sensors in your esophagus then trigger your salivary glands to produce saliva that has an increased concentration of bicarbonate, which is alkaline."

"Each time you swallow, your saliva bathes the walls of your esophagus and helps neutralize the gastric acid. This may also explain why women who are vomiting tend to salivate more."

Tapi xde ke care nak kurangkan? :(( Anyone? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.