on Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bye bye Kerol laling :((.....


Just got back from the airport with abg, nabil n mama. Hanto kerol laling tadik... :(...sedih sedih sob sob sob..... xpela..... dia nak abehkan mende paling penting jek.... for our future jugak.... and I know that he will buy the %&%*^*(*&&( for our baby yay!!!!hehehhe.

Had our last family dinner at passage thru india...i ate a lot including my food cravings list---> garlic lassi... yayyyy! there were 6+2 of us last nite.. my soon to be akak ipar n almost completed nephew n cucunda of abg, nabil, bakal tok abah n tok mama. i loveeeeeeeeeee my parents nowdays..... layannnn jek tekak anak dia nie..... walopon yg keluar balik nye banyak jugak...ahhahahha. heyyyy at least I've gained around 2-3 kg ok!!!!!! satu pencapaian utk saye....clap clap!

What else? oh ya! this is what i know about my pregnancy so far and it really makes me happier and penuh bersemangat! hohhh!!!!

"From this week on we can measure the baby from head to heel. It will now be around 26.7cm (10.51 inches) and will weigh 360g (12.70 ounces)."

"Your baby's digestive system is already functioning in a simple way. At this stage your baby can swallow amniotic fluid, absorb much of the water in it and then pass the unabsorbed matter as far as the large bowel."

"Many women experience food cravings during their pregnancy, and some don't experience any cravings at all. This, of course, can be both good and bad, obviously it is be good if you crave nutritious foods and bad if you crave non-nutritious foods like sweets and chocolates."

Starting from tonite...I have to sleep together with my parents n nabil sbb mama kate x elok org pregnant tido sorang2. selamat berpindah to me ke bilik mama n abah. bagos jugak least xdela sedey terlebey2.... hehheheheh. ok.. from now on.... i will focus moreee on my baby... that was what kerol laling always told me...every night la!



adie said...

yan gemokkan bang? hahhahahha. buruk i.

Yat Ekhram said...

hye adie..

salam ziarah,bloghopping here..

ber PJJ ngan hubby gak ke??
be strong aight?

Congrats on ur pregnancy :)