I'm spoiled

on Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mama cooked for us the yummy kari udang. I've been super duper in love with kari udang since forever. BUT! I'm spoiled you know! Since I was a little girl... Mama or Abah mesti buangkan kulit for me to eat it :)). Crabs pun! And now I'm married.... so that duty goes to.... Kerol Laling! Hehehe. Believe it or not... I never kupas buah manggis too! Hahahhahahha.

Every night before I go to sleep....I need someone to scratch my back. My parents used to do that. So now Kerol Laling has to scratch my back :P. I can see that maybe one day Adief will do that job since Adief tido mesti peluk Mimi (that's how he calls me). Cume tangan je lom sampai belakang Mimi.

I used to sleep with my parents from a baby until SPM :)). Tolak la mase sekolah......duk hostel. Tapi time cuti tido bilik derang gak hahhahah. Not because I was afraid to sleep in my own room (my changing room then), they made me sleep in their room!

Well....I'm a very very very overprotected daughter/sister/wife and I'm thankful for that. Dulu2 rase tension jugak itu ini x boleh. I never went lepak2 at nights mase kat MMU walaupon duk hostel. Kalo ade pon... mesti text Mama bitau nak kuar walaupon mase tue kul 2 pagi. Kalau hari2 lain....mesti balik before 8 p.m. Even when I used to hang out with Kerol Laling when we were still unmarried... mesti duk tgk jam...bile la nak balik nie :)). So not romantic! Dahla org tue balik Malaysia jarang2 :)). But now? I can't be away from him.

I don't drink...I don't smoke... I never go to night clubs even deep in my heart teringin nak at least jejak kaki sesaat :)). Tapi sampai dah beranak pon x jejak2 :)). It's okla... at least Kerol Laling teman me dancing dalam bilik and Adief loves to dance with me since he was still lembik2 lagi :)). Come to think of it... I think my parents had done a very good job! Orang slalu pk orang bandar nie....teruk...kurang didikan agama... and untuk selitkan sikit hal2 keibuan hahah, ramai orang pk orang bandar nie x breastfeed anak. Orang bandar nowadays la yang paling ramai breastfeed anak exclusively. Xde nak bg susu tepung nie. My baby also still drinks my breast milk....no formula yet. I only give him Pediasure baru bape hari... tue pon bukan utk minum.... buat cicah ngan roti. Chocolate flavor punye. Xpela....introduce sket2 sebelom kerja. Yes i know... Pediasure tue utk 1 tahun hingga 10 tahun. Adief is going to 1 year in less than a month so I think he is fit enough to take Pediasure. Xde constipation ke ape pun...alhamdulillah.

My baby calls me Mimi... Kerol Laling as Didi... Mama as Mama (Tok Ma) and Abah as Ata (Atuk). But sometimes he calls us by "heyyyy heyyyyy" :)). It's good to see his developments and sedar tak sedar dah nak setahun dah bersalin rupenye :). I pray to Allah that my baby will grow up as anak yang solleh, baik, sihat, beriman kepade Allah and taat kepade Kerol Laling and I.


Anonymous said...

tapi dulu masa mozac kak adie yang protect kitaorg satu dorm =)-nor-

X | Y said...

That was 10 yrs ago, dear. Dah yg plg tua, kenela jg junior2 dlm dorm. Haha. Tp kat umah ni, I'm the only daughter, so x heranla and I'm totally ok with that though it's quite rimas at times.

MamaTira said...

i hope that i can/will be a great mother like you! Willing to do anything for ur son no matter how bad your condition is.

X | Y said...

sure u can! mane2 ibu pun boleh....yang penting kene ikhlas


Kaseh NazLieza said...

ibu hebat...!!!