on Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I soooo want IC! Berlin. Adief akhirnye berjaye rosakkan glasses mommy after so many trials. Therefore I need to get a new pair of glasses that is definitely
kuat jitu dan padat :)). Xdela padat hahahah. My A***** has been repaired anyway but I still need to get a new one. I like the IC! Berlin. I found one at One Utama. With no screws and all that, I think it is very nice with sleek design and light weighted too. But a lady will always be a lady hehe. Rambang mata. Finally I chose Silhouette and that means this is my 3rd glasses since last year and I don't know yg ke berape sejak pakai glasses. Pembaziran sungguh! I think it's a trend lah in this family. Haha. Tukar power jek...kene tukar frame :)). Macamlah xleh tukar lens jek. But this time, it's not about the power. I lost my G**** last year when I worked for Deloitte. Kat Wichuda. It was my mistake anyway. Gatal sangkut kat shirt. Mmgla x sedar ntah bile jatuh.

My son is getting lasak n lasak now. Dulu sket2...skang Masya Allah. X kesahla tgh tido ke tgh jage. 24/7 lasak n bising! I like to see him laughing or smiling while sleeping. So cute and funny! Hahahhah. He will conquer the whole bad! Be it his crib, mommy's queen size bed or atuk's king size bed. Relax je dia tido pusing sane sini mcm2 gaya!

Next story... Yesterday mama went to DSH for her monthly blood test before the appointment with her doctor. While waiting for her turn, there were a family of 3 sitting beside her. Husband n wife...and a mother. Tataula mak yg husbandnye ke wifenye. They were talking to each other in East Coast dialect. Mama was unsure whether derang nie Kelantan ke Teregganu. Mama pun dengar jekla ape derang cakap when suddenly the husband said something that made Mama smiled and automatically tau la org mane :)). Husband: Pink number ade?
Kerol Laling and I laughed when Mama told us about it. I didn't understand at first but then...ooooo pin Terengganu la ehhhhhh :)).

Next...Abah is out. He has to attend Jasamu Dikenang ceremony at PWTC. It is TM annual event untuk org2 habis contract pencen ape bagai sume so Abah kene bgla sijil2 ape sume. Abah pon retire this coming November. After serving for TM for 30 years, I think you shoud stay at home and have a good rest. Or perhaps you can start your professional golf career :)). After graduated from Brighton, he worked for Jabatan Telekom...pastue privatized...when I was 12, we moved to Sarawak as he was appointed as the GM there...when I was in Mozac, my parents moved to Ghana as Abah was appointed as the MD of Ghana Telecom. X pernah keje company lain except TM. X boring eh bah? Hehe. I guess it's time for you to spend more time at home lah!

Ok...that's all for today. Penat membebel and ini budak nakal sudah korek2 laptop mommy. Laptop sendirik xnak lak korek!. Ok peeps...buhbye!!!


pok mak skomi said...

gi beli spek supe abang yo..wak gane2 pong dokkang patoh..terbukti doh..tgk spek abang yo dok patoh pong...heheheheh

Adie said...

ko nie apsal? aku cucuk ko ngan pink kang!