Fussy Adief

on Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I've been cooking for my baby since 2 months ago and I really enjoy it. Mama cooked for us before going to the office. My neighbour, cousins and friends (all are working) are doing the same thing too and that means it shouldn't be a problem for me to do the same as I am not working for the time being. A good practice. Plus the paed always advices me to cook for my baby and give him all nutritous foods. It's definitely an option I guess. Ikot keselesaan masing2 lah kan. Kalo rase xleh kelam kabut, x reti nak bahagi mase ke ape ke, busy sgt ke xyah masak. But of course you have to feed your child with good foods instead of makanan kucing :)).

I've just started giving him pasta yesterday. He finished it selicin2nye during lunch time but he refused to eat during dinner. He has been acting the same since the past few days and I really don't know why. Luckily he drank a lot. A LOT! Tak terkire rasenye bape kali dia nak bf satu hari. I always have to change his menu just to make sure that he won't be bored. I've already introduced fishes, chicken and now beef to my baby. Plus hell lot of vegetables and fruits. Telur lom agik sbb Dato' Azizi kate tunggu besar sket.

Milk? He still wants my breast milk. He only drinks water from his sippy. We have bought so many types of bottle and latest...Tok Ma bought him a Tommee Tippee Close to Nature bottle. Result? Just the same.... takmau jugak.

His current interests are READING his books (readinglah sgt hahha), playing his own laptop, gigit toys dia, main bola sepak dia yg kecik kemetot and tepuk tangan je keje dia. oh ya! Ini budak semakin manje dengan daddy but he will get angry whenever my husband hugs me or buat2 pukul mommy and mommy buat2 nanges. Jealous and marah ye? :)) We have to buy him a bigger bath tub as ini budak sudah tidak muat lagi dalam bath tub dia. Tinggi sgtlah u!

Jangan block Adief tgk tv! :)). Kalo tengah baring....dia bangun....kalo tgh duduk...dia tepis2 tangan kite.....xpon dia pukul2 kite :)). Ok....time to feed him.

p/s: just found out that expressing my milk while breastfeeding him is easier.


senioritasara said...

adief...anak yg manja...hehehhehehehe...hero sorang tu...pandai mcm2 dah .cerdik dia..dont even dream of lying to him eh hehehe

Adie said...

mmg manje! Xleh tinggal kejap! Dahla x mkn saman :)). Org marah dia, dia terus puk amai2 :)).

suria said...

adie..aku pun br discover, tandem nursing is easier..after 6 months!!

Adie said...

tuela kan? melimpah ruah! hahahhhahha.