2/3 year Adief

on Thursday, October 1, 2009


Time flies like an arrow.... you are 8 month 'young' sayang...*sigh*. Watching you grow is so priceless. I'm so happy and proud to see your achievements. Yes I know that maybe some other babies have more 'talents' or some have less...but who cares... At least I know that you are learning things step by step and trying to explore hell lot of other things.

-You know how to sit walopon tumbang2 :))
-You have 2 teeth serentak and I'm sure another one or bape ntah is coming out.
-You know that it's time to have your yummy food when you see your high chair. You will automatically say mamamamamam.
-You will say nenenenennen when you need your milk dispenser though I never taught you 'nenen' kalo nak susu. Atuk ngan Tok Ma punye pasal lah nie!
-You like to grab things that are near to you. Sampaikan kalo dukung dia mane2....habis sume mende dia nak capai! Jatuh barang2.
-You always want to follow Atuk or Tok Ma or daddy or mommy to anywhere. Kalo x....nanges!
-You don't drink any formula milk. Quite frustrated at first but now I'm proud of it. Missy b**bies supply more than enough milk for you sayang emmm I guess... x pernah lak nanges x puas ke ape.
-You sleep soundly at night and you wake up with a happy face in the morning. Mommy and daddy can have a good night sleep. Thanks sayang.
-You wear size L Mamy Poko now.
-You drink warm water from your sippy. No bottles!
-You only want mommy's milk directly from missy b**bies. Missy Medela is just like barang perhiasan. I only use it occasionally. Nasebla.... kadang dia nak, kadang dia tutup rapat je mulut tu bile bagi EBM ngan sippy dia.
-You like to be fed in cradle position. Baring? Jarang2 nak. Pon ikot naseb.
-You have eaten salmons, cods, kurau, cherry tomatoes, zucchinis, celeries, dates, apples, prunes, bananas, potatoes, onions, spinaches, sweet potatoes, chickens, corns, soft tofu, soy, asparagus, cream cheese, yoghurt, pak choi, broccolies, carrots and of course your main dish is always rice porridge.
-You only want mommy's homemade porridge. X suke instant2 nestum ka apa ka nie. Susah tul kalo gi mane2. Nak masak canenyeeee.

There are a lot more achievements, developments, talents etc that you have gained. I love it when you always turn to me and hug me while you are sleeping awwwwwww. Terharu! So sayang... we want you to learn more and be a good son.


senioritasara said...

adief..kejap je membesar.im so proud of ur mommy sbb berjaya BF sampai skrg.ur my idol heeee

Adie said...

u can...sure u can....just enjoy ur BF sessions and I'm sure everything will turn out well.