1 month to go....:) + :(

on Sunday, June 28, 2009

yes... 1 mth to go before Adief starts to eat solid foods. So happy yet I'm a bit sad..Nape happy? Happy because i get the chance to prepare all the meals on my own. no nestum ka apa ka. Sad? because he won't be depending 100% on me as he will have his meals and formula milk. Time flies like an arrow :(. will still bf him anyway. Btw... I already have the list of Adief's meals hihi. Brown rice? Oat? Raisin? Banana? Avocado? Apple? Yogurt? Haddock? Cod? Carrot? Broccoli? etc. *Grin* you can do it Adie!

p/s: Daddy! buatkan passport Adief! mommy malas nak pegi buat. daddy balik je kite kene terus buat! hm... seems like the husband is so busy... sudah lame dia x tulis.