suspenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jek!

on Thursday, April 16, 2009

I received a phone call from DSH yesterday evening. I was really shocked and nak gugur sket jantung. Dlm pale terbayang result pap smear tue salah. I also received the same phone call last month. but i wasn't terrified ka...shocked ka... tertanye2 ka...apa ka at that time because i thought it might be something about the bill. tapi kali nie mmg cuak. yalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...just did the pap smear test.... cetttttt! it was the same phone call like last month. It was a phone call from DSH Maternity Ward. The midwife, just like last month, asked me still bf anak lagi tak. and then she asked me whether i had any difficulties ka...any questions to ask regarding bf ka...apa ka... phew!!! lega! ingatkan ape la.... hm..anyways...rase mcm kene soal dgn pengawas lak. hahahhah. i'm sure if i said tak kak...dah x nyusukan anak lagi dah..... sure dah x call lagi! hahahhaha. plus...mesti berceramah sket about the benefits of breastfeeding. dont worry midwives...Adief still demands for his Mommy's 'cocktail'.