Breakfast at TTDI

on Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello everybody! I had breakfast with mommy, atuk, tok ma and uncle nabil at TTDI this morning. Yayyyy!!! Adief baik jek tau! Atuk....maybe you should bring me together to the golf club. can can? Boringla duk umahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Then...atuk and uncle nabil went o the tailor to make baju melayu for pak long adi's wedding. Tok ma, mommy and I had to stay in the car.

My next appointment with my super cool paed will be on 6th April 2009...same with mommy's appointment with Dr. Maziah. She needs to undergo the pap smear's thingy as a post natal procedure. Dr. Maziah also suggested to her to take the single rod implant. Poning palo den. Pape jekla....

Last night, I made noise from 2 a.m till 7 a.m in the morning. Sian mommy and tok ma x tido2. Sorryyyyyy!!! As a result...atuk unwrapped the rocking chair given by Tok Halim and his wife. Tonite...Adief tido dlm rocking chair atas katil. Now...I have 2 rocking chairs. Yayyyy! 1 kat living hall....1 kat bilik.

Anyways....hope it is not too late to say thanks to all of you (daddy's frens, mommy's frens from MMU, Mozac, Dublin.. TM staffs, Atuk's frens, Tok Ma's frens and DSH for the presents. Thanks for all the duit tabung, clothes, toiletries, bottles, diaper bag, crib's accessories, playpen, rocking chair, play gyms etc. And of course the super cool gift goes to Mothercare vouchers worth RM****.**.

Ok...where's my milk dispenser? Mommy!!!!! Adief nak tido nieeeeeeeeee!!! are my so x clear pics

18th Feb 2009

21st Feb 2009



hafzan lazin said...

tido je keje Mat Adief. Hobi sama dgn abe Je. hahhahaha

gambar yg pakai kasut tu...kasut terbalik ke? lama aku kaji...curious aku. ke fesyen kasut?

Adie said...

hahhahahhahah. mmg pon! mak aku la salah pakaikan! hahahhaha...tapi lepas tue dah betulkan la....