Adief's 1st unofficial outing

on Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yes! Now I can surf the internet. hahhaahah. My little monster is now sleeping soundly on the bed.

Hm...2 weeks ago... i was caught red handed by mama while pouring the air sirap sejuk into my mug. hahahhahahahhh. and to my surprise.....she didnt scold me! phewww! she even allowed me to eat sambal telur...ikan keli....sup tulang...etc...except udang and sotong last night. before that, she asked me whether i have gatal2 or saket2 problems after curik2 minum 7 up and makan paru goreng hahahhaha and i said no. yerp...alhamdulillah no pains and itchiness since the operation....lagikpon....Dr. Maziah said org kite jek yg pantang strict sgt....hahahhahaha. they gave me juices, cold soy milk, delicious food at DSH. pehhhh....if I were rich....mmg duk sepital sepanjang berpantang nie. hahahhaha.

I love cuddling my baby....watching him sleeping...sejuk jek hati. I stil remember the very first time I looked at my baby in the OT. The nurse brought him closer to my cheek and let him kissed his mommy. besarrr mate dia terkebil2 mase nurse ckp "niela mak...". Now.. he will stare at me when I tell him stories yg rasenye dia x paham pon. hahahhahah. Kerol Laling is not here :( Adief jekla jadi tpt mommy dia nak ckp... I told him how his mommy and daddy met each other....Thanks to Friendster hahahhaa....why daddy kene balik Germany...told him everything about the 6 years long distance relationship..since kenal sampaila skang. to be honest, maybe i'm not as strong as some of you out there....but having Adief....makes me stronger and sabar jek walopon Kerol Laling asek takde. call me jiwang or i care! hahhahaha.

Adief is a big boy now...though sometimes he's a bit ngade2(no la...bukan mengade, saje nak gesel2 je) nak manje2 especially bile dengar suare tok mama dia.... dia dah ade sleeping pattern dia dah... he will automatically wake up every 2 hours for bf at nights without nanges2 melalak, just gelak2 je. oh ya! adief nie masya Allah...lasak gile kalo tido! berpusing2 mcm jam! kejap pale kat bantal....x lame pastue dah beralih ke dinding...pastue dah jadi kaki pulak kat bantal.

one more thing...Adief suke main air liur! takkan cepat sgt! tua2 kate...once the baby likes to blow bubbles from his mouth....get ready la mommy....rambut baby akan gugur, as well as rambut mommy, gigi nak tumbuhla tue. that's what happening now.....rambut adief byk dah kat bantal dia and me too! but isn't it too early? hm....xpela...we'll see.....kalo x betul...kene tukar shampoo la! hahahhaha.
oh ya! this little monster of mine....xde ubun2! hahahhaha. lahir2 dah keras. xde lentok2 jugak. even the midwife said...oooooo baby u nie keras eh! hahhahaha. x pandan dgn kecik!

Went to DSH this morning for Adief's 1st appointment with his paed as an outpatient. Masya Allah... we had to wait almost 3 hrs baru jumpe doctor. There were so many people! Anyways..Dato' Dr. Azizi was very gentle, kind and funny. He even gado2 dgn mama sape lagi tua hahahhahha. Adief got his 2nd dose of Hepatitis B immunisation. Dr. Azizi asked me to hold his leg and the moment he cucuk itu jarum...Adief screamed his lungs out. x nanges..tapi jerit skalik tue jek. terkejut ape budak nie hahahhaha. pastue senyap....hahahahaha. He is currently 53cm and 3.5kg compared to 49cm and 2.89kg a month ago. Dr. Azizi said...his weight should be around 3.9kg by now.... aik??? menyusu punye byk anak mommy naik x banyak??? hahahhahhaha. other than that...alhamdulillah he's doing fine.. Dr. Azizi terbalikkan dia, dia bertungkus lumus angkat2 pale. hahahhaha. soooo cute! opppsss....dia dah jage!

Pics kemudian2 eh....


mama maisarah said...

syok betul bacer citer ko tgh2 lunch nih...hehehhe

beso dah adief kejap jek dh sebln..rase ko bru beranak ritu :p eh aku rituh pon dh sebln mmg mkn sotong2 bkn melantak..rase2 nyer...nk tgk ader aper2 problem tak..tader paper pon smue nyer kot..kite ikot adat jek ler...

nwey pas sebln mmg kene nek 1kg ank aku rituh pon tk nek 1 kg...nk wek camno gen dier rendang2...hahaha adief ikot tok mama kot...janji sehat tau...

nenen n nenen n nenen kan laie adief byk2 eh...kiss to adief ... boiiii