susu! susu!

on Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hm.... maybe I should consider buying a small tin of powdered milk for ini budak kechel. Why? yela....kite tatau kan....manela tau kot2 tetibe xleh nak bf ke... x kuar ke... on medication ke.... sianla baby tue nanti kan? mmg ade terpk pon... but having a so called consultant by my side..mama la tue... buat pk 2-3 kali sbb takot tetibe dia kate "nak buat ape beli?" hahahhahah. tapi rupe2nye dia ckp gini lak..."adik x beli ke susu? yg tin kecik jek.....manela tau pape hal..." so...susu ape nak beli nie? with all the melamine2 punye masalah skang ni.... lom campo ntah pape agik..... makes me agak takot2. all i know... mama gave me the SMA punye susu dulu2. any suggestion?



yas said...

try mamil gold..anak yas pakai susu tu and it's good..

Adie said...

ooo ek? thanks eh.... leh masukkan dlm list powdered milk mane nak beli. hahhahah.

Iffah said...

my sis pkai S26 by Yweth..ada kata S26 ni cpt naikkn berat baby..aku guna Enfalac A+ kalo xckup stok susu bdn kt nursery..n slalu tgk msti sng sold out susu ni..

Adie said...

s26...enfalac...lagi? lagi? hahahhahahha. sume akan dipertimbangkan. sile bg lagik suggestion.

Iffah said...

ada certain baby, time infant allergic to cow, kalo nak selamat bg soy based milk or HA (hypo allergen) milk cam Isomil..HA milk ada byk rasya.. NAND, Enfalac HA etc..

Kwn aku pakai Dumex and diorg kata bagus utk xsembelit..

Kak Syira said...

yanti, if u want to BF, check out, (well, u may alreay have)

coz BF is not as easy as people think.

common problems are baby tak pandai latching..

takde susu is a misconception but if baby is not latching properly, the milk is not coming out as much as it should and baby can be colic..

and first few days, u don't really see the milk, only the colostrum..but babies can actually survived for 5 days without milk actually (read it somewhere).. the tummy is very2 small anyway..

baby usually cries for comfort

if u r worried that u can't BF coz you are on medication, try to pump and keep stocks
i recommend to buy medela pumps or avent if you prefer