the never ending confinement set bla bla......

on Thursday, January 15, 2009

read...discussed...what else? finally I chose my Biodex yg sgt berjasa...... yesterday, En. Yazid from Biodex came and brought it. While waiting for him...i received a phone call from a lady. she introduced herself as Miss ******* from Biodex. She wanted me to mengglemerkan diri dlm Biodex punye brochures..posters etc. hahahhahaha. no no no! she said it's normal to have clients with problems such as lambat dpt anak, saket itu ini etc. tapi eksiden2 nie belom ade lagi. i was like..."ha??? xpelaaaaaaa.....nanti2 la bincang....bagi bersalin dulu. husband pon belom balik mesia lagi nie....kalo nak sgt tunggu dia skali la". hahahhaha. sorry Kerol Laling for dragging you into this. hahhahahhaha. to be honest, i'm not interested to expose myself and tayang2 muka nie utk bende2 camnie....

anyways...i just bought a few not the whole set. i just bought:

Tight La' Honey

Bengkung kain

Tungku Herba

Bio Spa Lotion

Stokin Biodex

Liquid Manja Prune


I'm not interested to buy slimming products such as pil itula inila air itula inila because I still believe that if you want to have a great body, kenela workout. byk songeh ek? hahhahahha.
Lain org lain la kan? It is just my opinion.....

Received a phone call from Auntie Noor regarding the tukang urut. She said that nenek will come to my house a week after the operation. Thank you Auntie Noor. Fuhhhhhhhh!!! mcm nak buat persediaan kawen ek bersalin nie? hahahhahahhah. Mama kate dia dulu xde buat ape pon. I was like "then? nape adik nak kene buat sume nie?" "Adik lain.... adik idop zaman skang..." hahahhahah. wutever........