on Monday, September 29, 2008


Maybe it is too early for me to think about it…. But who
cares??? Just a preparation. Ok…went to the hospital this morning….maybe today
is the last visit…with my husband. Anyways… alhamdulillah the baby is doing great owhhhh ade one more visit

Quite nervous tapi x sabar pon ye gak to hear his 1st
cry. I know that I have to get ready with the painful labor……but hopefully what
my orthopedists baik Dublin, baik mesia, said sumenye ok for me. Few weeks before I had a bad lower back pain.
Sangatlah saket. To be specific….dekat sacrum yg patah riuk tue. So I went to
see my orthopedist and he gave me some injections at my lower spine since dia
xleh nak bertukang kat my tulang2 sbb tgh pregnant. Sgtlah saket itu
injections. I don’t dare to ask him what kind of injections though he warned me yg injections tue mmg amatlah saket but he said it’s very strong and very effective. X sampai seminit terus numbbbbbbb jek rase.

Ok… maybe it’s a good practice for me hehheheheh…yela….. I’m
thinking of the epidural mase nak bersalin nanti. They said that’s the best.
Procedure nye same je….so I hope that experience membantula nanti….. have to
get ready with:

1) induce tablet via v*****

2) contractions

3) epidural? Laughing gas? pethidine jab?
the choices of relief method in childbirth available in Damansara Specialist.

4) C-section? Mintak2 normal…amin….. tapi x kesahla
cane pon….asalkan sume selamat…..

To be honest….mmgla sgt2 x sabar….tapi I’m not the type yg
nak shopping sakan awal2…. Tunggu jekla kan? Kalo nak beli brg pon….paling awal
8 bulan ke atas. X lari pon kedai2 tue….. hehheheh.

As usual…ultrasoud….and wowww! He was sooooo active moving
around. Alallalalallallalallalalla comelnye dia terkejut dgn pressure mende
alah ultrasound tue…..

Ok…time to visit the toilet again. Adoiiiiiiilah. Penat lah!



AdiNang said...

Adie... nnti dah baby kuar jgn lupa yeh panggil uncle adinang dtg.. x saba nak ambik gamba baby korang...hohoho...

adie said...

mmg plan gitu pon...tapi mase tue ko pon tgh sebok nak kawen....xpon tgh sebok melayan wife