on Monday, September 29, 2008


Those Pictures were taken last month in Tumpat, Kelantan. Yeah it’s my small Hometown. Some might say, there’s no place like home and it’s true. It felt so good to be home and i was shocked when i first came to the town.There’s so much different which i can’t even imagine before. The town itself not like what it used to look like. They said Tumpat will be the second busiest Town in Malaysia after KL. Here you’ll find so many highrise concrete buildings,airports, monorails,tolled roads, metered car parks,fancy shops and massive bumper-to bumper jam. Haha NO lah! That’s KL, not Tumpat.


Tumpat is actually a dead end town. From my close observation, not much has changed since the last 10 Years which i like! It’s very peaceful here, for me lah. Ok lets get back to reality, i will tell u guys few interesting facts about Tumpat later. I was supposed to attend my sister ’s Wedding but due to several problems, me and wifey only can afford to come a day after the wedding. Itu pun sampai tgh2 malam. That’s why la no wedding pictures were taken. So i took pictures of my cousins and sisters je lah.



The whole family was there (except Su & Poksu) , we just talked and talked ( like Abg Jan always said, bual seddak ) and it was fun maybe because of we haven’t done that since…if i’m not mistaken, August last year. Ok lah malas dh nak menulis. Here are some interesting Facts about Tumpat :

1) It is famous for its Sleeping Buddha which is located in Kampung Beruk. Dem! Sometimes people know the Town only because of this Kg.Beruk. Even my Father In-law asked me the same question when we first met. See how famous they made me.

2) Do you know that the last stop for Keretapi Tanah Melayu is Tumpat ? Haha…You can refer that from Form 2 Geography Text Book if you don’t believe me. At least timbul gakla nama Tumpat selain dari Kg.Beruk. Dem you TOKCHA!!

3) People keep leaving the Town, migrate to the big City like KL but xde plak yg pindah ke Tumpat. Except for Abg2 Polis and Kakak2 Cikgu yg kena posting dari Sabah Sarawak. I’m not sure if it’s true or not because this fact i made up all by myself.

4) Mr.Achimedes who invented the theory of Density was actually from Tumpat..Haha Funny!Not! …Ok la malas dah.


P/S - I feel extremely weird writing in English, but i have to, otherwise my english will be buried along with my first long gone teeth.so please don’t call me poyo or koyal. Haha! But i’m fine with being called

"Bau budu"…haha i have no problem with that at all.

SO…Enjoy the pictures!!!…



JejakaEksklusif said...

kemah molek demo kecek.. blaja nge abe yek ko?

X | Y said...

abg Buzzlee Borhan a.k.a Abg Acir?