Cepat cepat

on Thursday, December 10, 2009

This week is so exhausting. Tension ape bagai sume ade! Currently I am so busy with my physiotherapy sessions. Almost everyday! But of course I start my day by cooking for Adief early in the morning. Quite tiring... but to be honest, it is really satisfying to do everything on my own. I always go to the hospital after feeding my baby. Anyways... I am so mad when people think that my mom is the one who does everything for Adief. And I hate it when people laugh at my condition. As if I'm handicapped! Helloooooooooooo! I'm a normal person!

Adief dah pandai snacking! He eats papaya every morning. He will kiss me when I say "Kiss Mommy..", He also can drink ebm from the bottle. Kalo x, mane dia mau gune bottles. But one thing about this boy....kalo nak suapkan makanan....u have to use a spoon. Kalo pakai tangan, dia tutupppp jek mulut tue. Nak bg dia ebm pon, kene dudukkan atas high chair. Pakai bib skali yeh??? Ape2 yang berkaitan dgn makan n minum, kene dudukkan kat high chair n pakaikan bib. Amboiiiiiii!!!!!! Robot ape! Tau gitu, nak gituuu jek!

Ok...end of today's bebelan. Nak layan karenah Adief. Buhbye