9 mth Adief

on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You are a 9 mth baby boy, sayang and I'm so proud to have one wonderful baby like you. Alhamdulillah his paed said that he is a perfect baby. Sume ok. So... we'll see you again when he is 1, ok Dato'? When I told him that Adief does not drink any formula milk and he only eats home cooked porridge, he said "Tue dia pandai la tue....Dia cume nak yg natural". Aminnn I always pray that you will be a smart boy... as smart as your daddy and as brilliant as your atuk. As usual....Dato' mulelah berceramah pasal suruh bagi makanan yg dimasak sendiri....jgn bagi walker...walker diharamkan di Australia... belajar tgk muka anak untuk tau anak tue ok ke tak....bla bla bla.

He knows how to do high 5! Walopun kadang dia buat gak perangai buat dek dia. And he likes to do the baaa chak himself :)) (in this case, selimut Tok Ma yg dia amek tutup muke dia). Once in a while, dia hulur la tangan nak salam bile ckp salaaammm shake handddds.
He likes to play with mommy's laptop or daddy's instead of playing his own laptop. Suke nyibuk! He also likes to play with the remotes...name it! Remote tv? Aircond? Kereta? Gate? Sampaikan Tok Ma terpakse carik remote lame2 bagi dia main. But he's not stupid! Dia tau xde function... dia xnak main! Handphones toksah kate lah kan. One thing about this cheeky monster, he can easily get bored. Xyahla buang duit belikan dia toys byk2. Main 2-3 minutes..campakla tepi. Yang dia nak main ngan remotes jugak! Kadang habis setting utk aircond berubah. Last time... he changed the temperature to 16 degrees! We were like....ape sejuk semcm nie? Once...he changed it to 30 degrees and no wonder the room was so warm.

I love taking care of my baby on my own. Now I know what to do when he has fever, flu etc. Our favourite Dato' Azizi has taught me a lot! Gracias! He gave me all the necessary medicines as well as the equipments needed when Adief was 4 month, that was when he got the acute bronchiolitis. Pasni kalo Adief flu sket ke ape ke, gune je tue sume unless dia wheezing. Tue kene bawak jumpe doctor lah. I just want to be a good mother to my baby just like mama. She took care of me 2 1/2 months in Dublin. Just imagine... husband xde...kene stay dgn budak2 muda (don't get me wrong guys. She likes you all hehe)...kat tempat org pulak tue...kene jage anak yang accident kat hospital...bulan puase...Ok fine. Maybe ade yg lagi teruk but I really respect my mom. She's a real good mother instead of tau beranak je (bahasa kasar)She took care of us all alone when Abah was away in Ghana. She came back for good earlier. A good mother will do anything for her child, right? Xde nak kate x reti...takut...bukan kuase and all that. Nak seribu daya...I always pray to Allah that I can be like her.
3 months to go before your 1st birthday sayang and I'm so looking forward to the special day. Have lotsa plans for that day. Gonna make it a really big celebration for u (xdela besar gile...saje exaggerate je...) I just want you to be a good son and make us proud of you. Insya Allah...


lott said...

waah...macam besar je adief. panjang nampak. berape kg dah? adie dah tak keje ke skarang?

Adie said...

For now...tak..tapi Insya Allah kalo ade rezeki, Dec nie nak apply mintak utk next year. Skang xleh la Kak Lily...dia xnak bottle langsung. dia nak bf directly...Kene tunggu dia paham sket...

Edriena Hazelina said...

comey nye adief..
die da pandai jalan x?

Adie said...

haha. Nope.. Terus duduk. Merangkak pon xde.

FdausAmad said...


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