Bebel lagi

on Saturday, October 31, 2009

I think I will stick to this blog. When I think about it... why should I have another blog? Orang akan bace jugak. It's my right anyway to write anything and it's up to you whether you wanna read it or not.

I miss those days in MMU. Last Tuesday was my friend's birthday. Satu geng la dulu :)). Budak2 account yg suke main2 tue kitorang la. There were 5 of us. Hidup x kesah ape2...xde masalah. Org lain blaja bagai nak rak...kitorang bersuke ria jek :)). Dont get me wrong. Bersuke ria like jalan2...makan2...movies...etc...but no clubbing! I never go to any night clubs. I dont drink....though I drink Pina Colada and Shirley Temple..yg virgin sahaje!.I dont smoke, cecah kat bibir pon x pernah.

We spent our days after lectures by visiting malls...restaurants..mamaks...cinemas.. Sometimes Hani and I spent our days by swimming at the swimming pool in Cyberia. childish we were :)). Nak exam barula kelam kabut bukak sume notes and alhamdulillah we graduated on time and off we went to Dublin to do ACCA while the other 3 keje kat sini. We even had a fight with the mak guard kat hb3 ke hb4 ntah..x ingat. hahhahaha. It was her fault. Dia yg perasan ingat org tgh ngate dia. Ceh!

Anyway... Adief sudah makan byk bende baru like lemon sole, kiwi, mango, Australian beef strip loin etc. Eggs? Not yet....ingat nak bg since dlm website baby food kate boleh....tapi ikot jekla ckp Dato' Azizi. This coming Monday will be his 9 mth appointment with Dato' Azizi. Dato' Azizi kate routine check up. Nak tgk growth dia cane. Mommy lak yg berdebar2. Cukup ke idak. Kang mati kene bebel kang. Horror!

I wonder....why is it when you know that you did not spend anything for something that was bought by somebody else, you simply use it without jimat2, you simply put it merata2 or at improper places, x jage elok2 and a lot more perangai pelik...but when it comes to your things... or org2 yg susah sket....pehhh kene jage elok2!
Ok peeps...dah tamat. Saje buat org tertanye2 why suddenly bebel. Ok buhbye!!!


senioritasara said...

ha ah..y eh?ehehehe..kejap je adief dah 9 months....haih...they grow so fast kan?sedih pulak

Adie said...

yerp...misteri pulak kenape. hahaha. esok nak jumpe paed Adief.