My dear best friend...

on Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I couldn't sleep last night :(. To be honest, I'm so sad right now because something bad happened to my best friend. I mean, I'm happy with my life but what about her? i know life is not a fairy tale. kadang2 mestila kite happy....kadang2 kite sedih.

we've been through so many things together. ups and downs... sweet memories and BAD experiences... i cover u, u cover i ahahha...we did good things and naughty-naughty things together...kene marah same2...and zillions more though we have different tastes in a few things like perfumes, colours, songs etc but when it comes to THAT particular thing....she's a bit unlucky....i'm sure it won't last long anyway. u'll have a better life soon....soon....

So my strong and stay as the same person that Ive known for years!(mcm pernah bace nie kan dlm sms? hahah). She's always there to hear all my stories, complaints, comment itu ini, ngumpat and she laughs to my lame jokes. I pray that everything will be smooth and good for you, dear.