TV Pendidikan Adief

on Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How do i spend my boring days?
- i spend my days with my baby teaching him this and that as if he understands me hahhahah. sian kan? ok...i can't enroll him in sichida class or other classes. not until Kerol Laling is here. tapi kalo ade peluang bile Kerol Laling balik, plan nak masukkan dia Kizsport. xdela boring anak mommy nie. asek ngadap muke mommy jek.
maybe i'm not a good mother. but at least i try to do a few things to entertain my baby. i just want to do anything that I can do for my baby before I get back to work.




p/s: i guess Kerol Laling bolehla tulis mati2an starting from this Friday night. kan? kan?



iEfa said...

siler frame kan gamba #1...geramnyerrr

adie said...

aku pon suke gambo tue! Tue tgh geram nak capai camera. Hp ke, camera ke, keje nak baling je.