Few weeks before Adief starts to eat solids

on Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yay! All prepared! I've bought all his utensils yesterday. Bought Tommee Tippee's weaning bowl with heat sensing spoon and extra spoons by First Years. As for the food processor, I will just use Abah's Kenwood Food Processor je... which he got it from ntah mane punye golf tournament ntah. satu penjimatan di situ. hahhaha.

Last night we had our family dinner at Italiannies. sume ade including abang and his wife except my Kerol Laling :(. Adief mulut terkumat kamit watching us having our dinner. Mulut siap nganga mase abah saje2 letak sudu dekat dengan mulut dia. hahhahahha. x sian kat Adief lah atuk nie! sian anak mommy.....just a few weeks son....but of course xdakla makan mende yg same mcm what we had last night. hahhahah. we always have our family dinner during weekends. tapi sejak ade Adief...Abah hadkan within 5km dr rumah. hahhahahah. x kesahlah! ok! sgt happy today sbb Hani and my other Dublin friends nak dtg umah today. yayyyy!



Twiggy said...

heeeheheh.. i remember when my sister started to eat solids. her favourite was.. KENTANG! memang pastu bulat cam kentang. my mom would rebus a small potato, mash it with milk and then sumbat my adik. tak pernah puas dia makan kentang lenyek dia tuh.

Adie said...

hahahahhaha....kentang tue mmg ade dlm list! hahahhahah. tapi tataula akan jadik favourite dia ke tak. hahhahah.