My little boss

on Sunday, June 21, 2009

Omg! this Mr. CEO is so so SOOOO naughty now! he grabs the diaper everytime i want to change him. he tried to take off the diaper himself yesterday. he has been doing this since last 3 days. and while i was wiping his poop with the baby wipes...he grabbed it from me and gave me a cheeky smile. urrgghhhh! geram mommy! pastue....cukup suke ketuk2 perut sendirik. I scolded him yesterday and suddenly he burst into tears. I was like yayyyyy! hahahha. dia x pernah amek kesah kalo kene marah especially atuk. org kat TM punyela takot tgk atuk...Adief nampak atuk masuk rumah jek terus gelak2. hahahhahah.

Last Saturday we went to OU and I made a quick survey mencarik safe box. Thinking of buying one for our room. name pon dah ade family....kenela ade sendirik kan... takkan nak menumpang dlm abah punye safe....And I don't want to keep Adief's money in abah's safe. tapi tanak simpan jugak dlm sendirik punye. Adief does not have a saving account...yet....At first we planned to open him a Tabung Haji account. But i decided to triple or perhaps more his 5 figure money collected since his birth in my ASB. ini macam sudah boleh kawen dah nie anak daddy nie.

Ini budak sekarang mandi 3 kali sehari. Morning...afternoon..evening. Morning and evening- warm water....afternoon- cold water...not that COLD la... kalo x mandikan dia tgh hari...mengamuk sakan dia! dr day 1 sampai skang cukup suke mandi! sampaikan ade skali nie kul 2 pagi bukak baju dia sbb nak ganti sbb basah ngan air liur dia pooonnnn dah excited! sape nak mandikan dia tgh2 mlm buta? perasan!

Remember I wrote in the last entry about he now knows how to use his bottle? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! geram nie! Adief ingat mommy gurau2 dgn dia agaknye. skarang....dia pandai ngelak2 sambil gelak everytime I try to put the bottle near to his mouth. aihhhhh ingat mommy main2 ke? babab kang!!!

I always play the Barney vcd for him and he likes to watch it...but only for 10-15 minutes. ONLY! pastue...mule la boring. BUT....he likes to watch the Golf channel...ESPN...or anything to do with sports. mmg anak laki nie...or bahase agak kasar sket...mmgla anak jantan! hahahhahahha.

I am not a chocolate person. I don't eat chocolate. bukanla x langsung....i only eat certain kind of chocolates hehe. I love After Eight chocolate anyway. hahahha. i can still remember...Hani and I bought After Eight chocolate from a small shop near the college in Dublin early in the morning before the class yg patutnye chocolate tue makan kul 8 mlm bukan 8 pagi. hahahhah. we love the chocolate! xleh tahannnn :)). But I am a coffee person. yg pahit2 sahaje. Believe it or not it has been almost 14 months since i last drank a cup of coffee. yerp. I don't drink coffee since my gynae advised me not to drink coffee from the first appointment.

I love to take care of my darling Adief. I am 100% satisfied with his progress day by day knowing that I am the one who is responsible for his development. Ape lagik nak buat ye tak sementare tunggu next year utk keje balik. puas hati sket. I love breastfeeding him. Selain rase semakinlah rapat dgn Adief... berat badan saye juge turun dengan pesatnye. hahhahah. weight when i got married was 53kg....pastue accident...12kg turun...jadikla 41kg....balik mesia...naik jadik 49kg....pastue pregnant....sampaila saat nak deliver jadikla 68kg....and now? 51kg. tapi muka tetap seperti pinggan hahahhaha. hm...i'm not sure whether it is because I bf my baby or it is because of something else like penat ke...tension ke ape kan. i care! janji turun. muka pinggan tue mmg xleh buat ape lah kan!

Oppsss sudah menjerit! ok ok boss! mommy dtg nie!

p/s: Adief... gonna enroll you in Kizsports & Gym