Mr. CEO is 3 month-old (errr young?)

on Sunday, May 3, 2009


Went with the whole family for high-tea at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam to discuss about the wedding with abang soon to be in laws. i straightly approached a staff there and asked her is there any place for me to bf my baby sebagai langkah berjaga2 sebelum dia menjerit. hahahhaha. she told me there is no baby room but I can bf my baby at this lounge yg nampak mcm cozy and they do not open it to public during daytime. i was agak lega to hear that. off we entered the cafeteria to have some food. the parents with the discussion...and i just sat there enjoying my food when suddenly Mr. CEO seemed uncomfortable and started to merengek. ya ya I know.... so i quickly strolled him to the lounge. I was a bit confused at first...where to sit...the safest seat i mean hahahhaha...away from eyes....ok i decided to sit facing the wall...but wait a minute! CARLSBERG??? A BIG carlsberg sign on the wall right in front of me. i was like aihhhh i'm not gonna breastfeed my baby facing that! ape rupe tue?! hahahhahah. i didn't notice that there was a waitress following me all the way from the cafeteria to that place. she approached me..puan nak susukan anak ke? puan boleh susukan anak kat cafeteria tadi...kat upper deck...waktu sekarang mmg kite x open kat orang lagi.... phewwwww! so nice la this girl. i entered the cafetria again...mama looked at me with this kind aikkk takkan sekejap jek look. there i sat on this nice 'sofa' to breastfeed my baby at the upper deck. very the comfortable one! but....ya ya ade but.... this Mr. CEO has an extremely high level of curiosity nowadays.... if he heard any sounds... bunyi nyamuk pun.... or if he saw kelibat org lalu..dia mule la stop...and turn his head....bikin malu mommy jek. i just hoped that there would be no such situations when suddenly a waiter passed by to put napkins on the tables. He stopped sucking and tried to turn his head to see what it was...tangan mule la nak selak2....i was like alahhhh mule dahhhhh! i quickly held his head, keeping him stayed in my blouse :)) and he became really angry. hahahha. he started to tendang2 mommynye like mommy! i want to see it! i dont care! luckily the waiter was really understanding and he didn't come to my area. well...that was my 1st experience bf in public.i thought i want to buy a poncho designed for bf mommies....tapi kalo gini gayenye....sarung guni pon dia selak jugak. even at home.... if my stomach menghasilkan bunyik2 kelaparan...dia buat mende same jugakkkkk. all sounds and figures! be it the tv....atuk's voice...the cats... the FAN.... pasang lampu....or whatever it is he will definitely stop sucking...turn his head...selak2.....


Mr. CEO slept at 5.30 a.m. :((. I had to stay up together with him...entertained him the whole night....nyanyi? bersembang? menari? (don't get me wrong...bukan menari dia berdiri ahhahahh i had to hold his hands while he lied on the bed and moved/shaked our bodies together...btw, we dance together everyday ahhahhah)


Lepak2 amek angin, tgk pokok2 and the cats with atuk outside the house.


Went to the DSH earlyyyy in the morning and phewwww!! for the 1st time....dpt booked turn utk jadik 1st patient for the day.... but of course we had to wait 2 hours for the doctor to come since the clinic starts at 10.30 a.m. everyday. Adief siap berbual dgn Dr. Azizi :)). ntah ape dia ckpla kan..tapi Dr. Azizi layan je dia.... he even said Adief nie macho in the Ferrari romper. hahahhaha. Adief got 2 jabs today....and as usual... auta jek lebey....jerit sket punye kuat mase jarum masuk...jarum kuar jek terus senyap. He said Adief is healthy and he is perfectly in a good condition. phewwww! mau taknye....mommy and tok ma mesti buat operasi men'service' Adief tiap kali nak jumpe doctor sbb Dato' Dr. Azizi is known as a doctor with a lot of comments kalau dia tgk parents x uruskan baby elok2..rashes 2-3 ketul pun xleh. he asked me to continue bf Adief so that he will stay healthy. we even talked about current issues such as the swine flu, medical students yg xnak balik and the kes panas skang pasal doctors and org besar nie.... ok... Adief's progress:

Newborn: 2.89kg, 49c.m., BCG + Hepatitis B 1st dose
1 month: 3.5kg, 53c.m., Hepatitis B 2nd dose
2 month: 4.9kg, 60c.m., Triple antigen 1st dose + pneumococcal vaccine + rotavirus
3 month: 5.9kg, 62c.m., Triple antigen 2nd dose + pneumococcal vaccine



mama maisarah said...

pakai tiub beb kalo tkmo nampak perot...kalo tang tuutt tuh nk tutup tatau citer adief tuh cam akan bukak jek smue yg menutupi tuuuttt...hahahahah

si debab si debab...byk betul naek beratnyerr.....rasenyer maisarah kuar 3.14...mase 3 bln tk dpt 6 taper...janji sehat :D

Adie said...

haah ek... tapi tuela....tangan dia mmg xmo duk diam. kalo ko tgk....mcm tgh berperang. mengomel jek mulut sepanjang tgh menyusu. garang tul! pastue kaki duk tendang2 angin. kalo naseb x baik...kenela lengan aku. pastue tangan agik satu duk tolong garu2 pinggang aku. hahhhahahah geli!