heaven is at home

on Monday, December 29, 2008

aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so rejuvenating.... mama asked me to search for more info about this from the website. never heard about this kind of service before. mcm best jek.... mama kept on saying murah la murah la....but i kept on saying mahal la mahal la the whole morning hahahhahah. kan best kalo ade org nak bg present mcm nie ? hahahhahah. considered as 'post-natal shower' laaaaaaaaaaaaa... anyone???. ahhahahahha. can you believe it??? it is just me jek yg jakun hahhah. the nanny will come to your house everyday and do all these:

- Prepare Herbal Bath for Mum
- Baby Bath (include jaundice treatment remedy, if necessary)
- Baby Massage
- General Baby Care
- Baby Feeding
- Post Natal Massage (3 times/week)
- Tungku/Heat Therapy (daily)
- Bengkung (daily) + Slimming Cream/Herbal Paste
- Cooking Confinement Food (daily)

pehhhhhh best gile!!! i wish i had enough money for all the 'cool' things hahahhahah. perhaps tok abah, tok mama or Kerol Laling ke nak sponsor? hahahhaa. mommy wants to spend all her money just for this little prince sahaje. hahahhahah.